How to change Battery Protection - Power Down Voltage Settings?

  1.  Download the latest IROAD dash cam APP with the RED icon. The old App has a Blue icon.
    New App Icon     Old App Icon
  2. Connect the phone and dash cam via the App.
  3. From the main screen with the picture of the camera, select the setup icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    Round Cog 
    You will now have Dash Cam Settings at the top of the screen.
  4. Select System located at the bottom of the list.
    You will now have System at the top of the new screen.
  5. Confirm Battery Protection is turned on, by sliding the white ball to the right.
  6. Confirm Power Off is set to 12.3V / 24.3V
    If not select Power Off located on the screen under Battery Protection
    You will now have Power Off  at the top of the new screen.
  7. Select 12.3V / 24.3V located at the bottom of the list.
  8. Press the return button twice and the App will prompt you to OK the changes.
    Press OK. The Dash Cam will now power down, and automatically reboot with the new settings.

How to Firmware Update your IROAD Dash Cam via Computer?

  1. Remove the power plug from the Dash Camera. This is normally the one closest to the driver’s side. The SD card is now safe to remove from the camera.
  2. Connect the SD card to your computer.
  3. Install the IROAD viewer program located on the SD card under Program. The Mac version is available free from our website.
  4. Start the IROAD Viewer program on your computer
  5. As the computer program opens, it will automatically check for a newer version of the program and if any firmware updates are available for your model.
  6. If any updates are available you must confirm the update to proceed, and the update will be downloaded and written to the SD card.
  7. The program will then open.
  8. When you are finished using the Program, make sure to do a Safe Removal of the SD card.
  9. Reload the SD card into the Dash Camera and reconnect the Power Cable.
  10. The camera will reboot and advise you not to turn off the power as is installing the new firmware.
  11. When it is finished, the camera will automatically power down, and reboot.

How does WiFi work and how close do I need to be to my smartphone to access footage?

WiFi offers a network to pair between your dash cam and your smartphone which lets you access video files and change settings. There is no internet access required or any data charges as it’s just a local network between the camera and phone. This is useful for IROAD dash cams that don’t have an on-screen menu as you can use your smartphone as the screen, furthermore it allows you to share and upload videos without removing the card from the camera.

All IROAD cameras are supplied with WiFi. The connection is typically within 15m from the car, and for best results within the car.

How does GPS on my IROAD dash cam work?

IROAD dash cams come with GPS. GPS typically helps to provide speed and location data on the video which can be useful if the vehicle is driven by an employee or family member and you want to know how fast they’re going. GPS does not work as a navigation device on your dash cam and there are no pre-loaded maps.

Do I need to purchase any extra hardware with my IROAD Dash Cam?

NO. Everything needed for a standard installation is supplied in the box. We do have a good range of accessories if needed for non standard installations, such as Back Up Battery Packs, and extended rear camera cables, these can be purchased on our website or through your authorised IROAD reseller.

What SD Card should I use?

We highly recommend only Genuine IROAD SD Cards. Other cards on the market may “Tick all the boxes” with specifications, BUT the IROAD cards have been built tough enough to handle the constant rewriting and the high heat stresses.

Do I need to purchase any extra accessories to record when I am away from my vehicle?

NO.  The IROAD Dash cams have PARKING MODE built in. Turn ON & OFF voltages can be adjusted via the Smartphone App, rather than having to purchase extra hardware and incurring extra installation cost.

Does my IROAD Dash Cam work in low light environments?

YES. The Intelligent NIGHT VISION & X-VISION cameras automatically adjust according to the surrounding light conditions with high detail. Some ambient light is still required, as the camera does not output any light of it’s own.

Do I need to continually format the SD card?

NO. IROAD Dash cams do not require formatting as the camera uses JRD file format designed for continual recording. This causes less stress on the SD Card.

Can I install the Dash Cam myself?

Modern cars are becoming more computerized. Unless you have a good understanding of car electronics, it is a good idea for your Authorised IROAD dealer to install your new investment. Your dealer has the expertise to get the best results the first time.

How to Connect New Samsung phones via Wi-Fi to your IROAD Dash Cam?

  1. If you are having problems connecting a new Samsung phone to an IROAD dash camera, simply turn OFF Mobile Data
  2. This is done by sliding down the top of the screen and turning OFF, or by going to settings and turning mobile data OFF.
  3. You will now be able to connect as per normal.
  4. Once connected, turn mobile Data back on.
  5. Note: Also check the phone is not running a VPN service, as this will also cause connection problems with both Android and Apple phones. If VPN service is running, please TURN OFF VPN or disable temporarily while using IROAD App.

How to Disable/Enable the Security Lights on your IROAD Dash Cam? (Front Knight Rider Lights)

1: Connect phone to new IROAD (red coloured) phone app

2: From the main screen select “Dash Cam Settings”

3: Select “System” Scroll up to find at the bottom of the list

4: Swipe “Security Light” to the Left for OFF or Right for ON

5: Select Back Arrow top left corner of screen TWO TIMES

6: The Dash Cam will now save changes and reboot